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What an exhilarating weekend at Hampton Court!  My first major exhibition is now over and after months of preparation, advertising and social media, it has turned out to be a great success.  I teamed up with my friend, Fee from FeeLanzinoDesign who, among other things, makes the most exquisite paper craft flowers.

This post is not a review about the Handmade Fair – there are lots of bloggers out there who will give their opinion in due time – but a photographic journey on meeting like-minded people who appreciate good craftsmanship and embroidery.






Our first big surprise came to us Friday morning, when Kirstie Allsopp, the doyenne of UK crafting herself, came to visit our stand and graciously agreed to pose. I appreciated the gesture, especially as she was very encouraging for us to use her likeness to promote ourselves and the fair.  It also turns out that Kirstie has two embroidered Hungarian cushions in her hallway. I just loved that fact that she understood the concept about Little Hungarian Hearts and was open-minded enough to appreciate embroidery from all over the world.










The unexpected surprise of the weekend was a prize from Sophie Conran, who visited the stand and gave it #SophieConranLoves award. Sophie gives out about six of these awards. Considering there were about 275 exhibitors, we were pretty chuffed to win one of these coveted ribbons.




We were so lucky to have lots of friends, bloggers, journalists and competition winners stop by and say hello.  It was so positive for me to meet other exhibitors and visitors who have been following my social media and blogs. Social media is great for small businesses but nothing compares to the personal touch of meeting real people with a geniune interest in what you do. I really appreciated the local Hungarians who were both surprised and blissful that Hungarian embroidered was being showcased in such a great environment. To know that you positively impact someone, even in a small way, is a wonderful feeling.





And finally, I don’t think we would have had such a fabulous weekend without our wonderful, supportive fellow exhibitors. Our neighbours were kind, compassionate women whose talent was evident in their very individual and beautiufl work. Thank you to Workbench London, Rockafella Industries, Nicolette Tabram and Sewing-Sanctuary. You ladies rock!

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