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The rich tapestry of life isn’t just in the arts and crafts of the English or Scottish countryside, but across Europe and  in the stunning collections of skilled and accomplished artisans of Hungry and Transylvania.

We import the beautiful cushions, napkins, table runners, felt dolls, sewing kits, and much more from these talented, and unrecognised locals.

Throughout my travels and living in Hungary during 1990’s I discovered a secret from local artisans. They taught me that embroidery takes on the journey of life and death, nature, and nurture, love and purity.  What this means is, that all our goods have passed through its life cycle and journey to find its way home. We hope that one of our pieces will find its way home to you.

Our on-line shop is constantly updated and filled with the latest items and news from our favourite destinations. We keep the embroidery alive, as we think about its journey from the tiny village it came from and the artisans who work on them pouring their love and joy into each peace. When our goods arrive from Hungary, it’s hard not to feel the presence of those people, the feel of the fabric, or the heady smell of Hungarian art in every fibre.

You will want to treasure these masterpieces and keep them alive in your own home or offering them as gifts of love to your loved ones. Perhaps preserving them as a keepsake, passing them down through generations. This is how all things are kept alive. Everything that is loved is alive, and there is more than one way to show it.  We know it really, we have just forgotten the art of this type of love. 

My journey so far has come from Hungarian parents, and travelling from Canada to Hungary and then to the pretty English Dorset countryside, and has been a truly magical journey. I thank my parents who passed down their skills to me, and taught me to not only appreciate Hungarian folk art but all art.  My gift to you is my love and skills as a craftswoman and a lover of all artistic and homemade, and home grown goods. Through that gift of love the chain continues, and when we give something with love, the receiver will unconsciously receive it and send it on its new journey of love and life.

Help us to keep the chain of light open and to receive this blessed gift from a country full of love and beauty. The items featured on the website are purchased from under privileged regions of Hungary and Romania, giving artists a means of supplementing their income while preserving the slowly disappearing traditions of their region.

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